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Requirements for Becoming a Certified Presenter with LexDirect CLE

LexDirect CLE makes it as simple as possible to publish high-quality CLE and legal content. There are no startup or hosting fees, making your participation virtually risk-free. Certified Presenters simply need to:
  • Have previous experience creating & presenting CLE courses and be able to produce at least least two 60min courses, complete with corresponding slide shows, and key takeaways.
  • Provide access to program files, document files, branding logos/images, etc. for use on your CLE Channel.
  • Review CLE content from time-to-time to ensure that it is still timely and relevant.
  • Market your CLE Channel by adding a Certified Presenter Badge to your website(s), through social media posts, networking, etc.

If you are interested in become a presenter with LexDirect CLE please send us an email at Be sure to include links to past CLE course you have created, testimonials and any questions you may have. We will reply right away to set up an interview.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Presenter with LexDirect CLE

Dedicated Professional Webpage & CLE Marketplace

Your channel is created with a custom URL and branded it to you or your firm so that professionals across the nation can earn premier continuing education directly from you.

A New Marketing Resource

Your CLE Channel will be your online hub for all of your professional activities. Your biography, articles, books, presentations, and professional accomplishments will all be accessible in one place for search optimized access by peers and prospective clients.

Complete Control of Your Content - All of Your Content Hosted on LexDirect CLE is Yours

No Exclusivity: You can list and sell your content anywhere you wish.

Set Your Prices: Nobody is in a better position to understand the value of your CLE content than you. As such, you can determine the right price users will pay for access to your courses, and can change your prices and offer discounts as you see fit.

Remove Programs Anytime: LexDirect CLE does not have a required term for membership. You are free to remove some or all of your CLE programs and other content with only 7 days’ notice.

An Experienced Continuing Education Partner with Proven Technology, Support, Accreditation & E-commerce Solutions

Premier CLE Viewing Platform: With features such as side-by-side video and slideshow viewing, program note taking, Q&A functionality, instant CLE certificate generation, and much, much more, your customers will be viewing your CLE programs on one of the best online education platforms around.

Dedicated Customer Service Team: Our CS team promptly handles any technical issues and answers any program or accreditation questions so that your customers will always enjoy a positive education experience.

Profile Management Support: will set up your Channel, manage all of your video, text, and image files, sync your PowerPoint slides to your programs, and make sure your CLE Channel and speaker bio looks professional.

Accreditation Support: Your programs are automatically accredit in all states which we currently operate (including CA, NY, AZ, CO, NJ, etc.), and will handle the accreditation process and credit reporting in any additional state you wish to make your CLE programs available.

Sophisticated E-commerce: LexDirect CLE makes it easy for customers to purchase and view your content with our intuitive shopping cart. What’s more? We cover all of your transaction fees!

Transparent Reporting: Track your Channel’s performance, purchases, and reviews with anytime access to your updated usage report.

Earning Revenue from Your Channel on LexDirect CLE
With no Startup or Monthly Hosting Fees, You Make Money from Every Transaction

LexDirect CLE uses a simple revenue share model. The starting revenue share is 50/50 with opportunities to increase your share to 60% and 70% based on the number of courses sold. We are currently offering presenters who participate in our launch a 70/30 of gross revenue earned from their Channel. That means 70% of every transaction goes to you.

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