UCC Made Easy - Article Two

By Robert M. LeVine, JD
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Key Takeaways

  • A systematic approach to all Article 2 transactions
  • Specific Uniform Commercial Code sections which pertain to intermediate action which must be taken in order to preserve client’s rights
  • Uniform Commercial Code provisions which can be used to knock out remedial contract provisions when a party to the contract has engaged in misrepresentation or fraud
  • How to approach and interpret contracts which fall within the Battle of Forms provisions
  • How to utilize the Parol Evidence Rule to properly present evidence to the Court which can explain and supplement a written contract in a manner to facilitate an interpretation favorable to your client.

Course Overview

Article 2 deals with sales of tangible personal property, beginning with the formation of a contract, obligations and performance of the parties, as well as remedial rights involved when either a buyer or seller breaches his or her agreement. Article 2 is a very active and dynamic article reflecting the reality of the marketplace. As such, there are numerous sections in the UCC which require timely action by both parties, the failure of which can result in very negative consequences. Often, this intermediate action—i.e.—after drafting and before litigation—must be done very quickly and it is imperative for anyone involved in Article 2 transactions to have solid handle on these provisions. Article 2 draws a major distinction between merchants and non merchants in key areas such as the Statute of Frauds, warranties, firm offers, and modification among others. Article 2 also recognizes the reality that oftentimes, there is no formalized written contract between parties and provides missing terms as long as the parties intended to contract and there is reasonably certain basis for giving an appropriate remedy. Included within this program are the following topics:

  • Scope of Article 2
  • Key definitions contained in Article 2
  • Contracts in general under Article 2
  • Specialized contracts under Article 2
  • Warranties under Article 2
  • Shipping terms and risk of loss under Article 2
  • Performance obligations under Article 2
  • Breach, repudiation and excuse under Article 2
  • Remedies under Article 2
  • Key provisions for drafting and litigation under Article 2

Publication Date: November 13, 2015

Length: 1hr 2min


Meet the Presenter(s):

Robert M. LeVine, JD
Robert LeVine is a national legal consultant, continuing legal education and motivational speaker, former law professor, and author of The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy. While at the University of Chicago, Mr. LeVine studied with Professor Soia Mentschikoff, Associate Chief Reporter to the Uniform Commercial Code. Professor Mentschikoff went on to serve as the Permanent Consultant to the Editorial Board of the Uniform Commercial Code and is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the UCC. This experience was invaluable in enabling Mr. LeVine to achieve a high level understanding of the meaning of the text, the underlying commercial policies, and the inter-relationships among the various Articles of the Uniform Commercial Code. More...

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