UCC Made Easy - Article One

By Robert M. LeVine, JD
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Key Takeaways

  • A systematic approach to all Uniform Commercial Code related matters
  • Specific examples of the impact of Article 1 on substantive Articles throughout the Uniform Commercial Code
  • The critical importance of trade usage under the Uniform Commercial Code and how to utilize trade usage in drafting and interpreting contracts under the UCC
  • Understanding how to use case law from every jurisdiction to support an argument in litigation in your jurisdiction
  • Understanding key Uniform Commercial Code provisions which vary from state to state and how to utilize the choice of law provisions of the UCC to minimize client risks in drafting contracts.

Course Overview

The Uniform Commercial Code governs billions of commercial transactions occurring throughout the United States every working day. The UCC can be broken down into two major categories—transactions in goods and payment systems. This course deals with Article 1 of the Uniform Commercial Code, which I believe is the most important Article of the Code for two reasons. First, Article 1 applies to every transaction under the UCC, regardless of the substantive Article governing a particular transaction. Second, the substantive provisions of Article 1 are extremely powerful in and of themselves and can have a powerful impact on drafting and litigation. It is essential to have a thorough understanding and methodology for applying Article 1 in all UCC cases. This program covers the following:

  • History and Impact of the Uniform Commercial Code on American commerce
  • The Comprehensive Approach to Uniform Commercial Code related matters
  • Pervasive and powerful policies of the Uniform Commercial Code contained in Article 1
  • Supplemental principles of law applicable to all Uniform Commercial Code transactions by reason of Article 1
  • Key definitions contained in Article 1
  • Key drafting provisions contained in Article 1
  • Key litigation provisions contained in Article 1

Publication Date: November 13, 2015

Length: 1hr 0min


Meet the Presenter(s):

Robert M. LeVine, JD
Robert LeVine is a national legal consultant, continuing legal education and motivational speaker, former law professor, and author of The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy. While at the University of Chicago, Mr. LeVine studied with Professor Soia Mentschikoff, Associate Chief Reporter to the Uniform Commercial Code. Professor Mentschikoff went on to serve as the Permanent Consultant to the Editorial Board of the Uniform Commercial Code and is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the UCC. This experience was invaluable in enabling Mr. LeVine to achieve a high level understanding of the meaning of the text, the underlying commercial policies, and the inter-relationships among the various Articles of the Uniform Commercial Code. More...

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