Brewery / Distillery Law Series - Part 1 Reviews

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"Excellent course!" - Kimberly Life
"She was excellent!" - Todd Wallace
"excellent and interesting" - Tara Waterlander
"Excellent! Peaked my interest in a growing industry. Thanks, on to part 2 ..." - David Brown
"Excellent Program!!" - scott miller
"Great information presented very well." - Joe Johnson
"Very good summary of the alcohol laws and pitfalls to be aware of." - Stephen Doyle
"This is an area of the law that is of some interest to me, but an area in which I do not have a great deal of knowledge. This course was a good basic introductory course." - Joseph Thomas
"Very knowledgeable and interesting course." - Shana Small
"Presenter is VERY knowledgeable and passionate about subject matter. I'd give her a "6" on 5-point scale. She's able to present a lot of very detailed information in an interesting way." - Mina Willis
"I can tell this lady really loves her beer." - Blake Barrow
"Very informative and effective presentation!" - Andrew Provence
"Knowledgable and engaging presenter - well done! I am an IP attorney and beer drinker; I'm ready now to become a beverage attorney as well!" - Judith Shelling
"A very entertaining presentation." - Roger Owers
"Excellent content and great presentation. You could tell that she has great enthusiasm for this area of law. Also loved the bar as a prop!" - Albert Meyer
"Very informative in rounding out intellectual property issues." - David Lhota
"Great presentation." - Carlos Cruz-Abrams
"Comprehensive and informative" - John Britt
"had no idea there were so many issues. Thank you." - Steven Millon
"One of the best i've watched. She is very informed and entertaining." - Tommy Norton
"This is a great course, the lecturer is clearly an expert and good at teaching it to others. Looking forward to the next section and other courses here. Well done!" - Geraldine McAvoy
"Well done" - Robert Birnbaum
"Excellent!" - Elsie Vasquez
"excellent" - Rachel-Anne Scelfo
"DIfferent and interesting topic presented in an engaging way." - Lisa Barrett
"This was very interesting material." - Venisa McLaughlin
"I realize that I completed Part 2 first as I'm always drawn to Intellectual Properties topics and found that part of the series done so well, I decided to look into Part 1 to learn about the market in general and the regulatory primer and truly enjoyed Ms. Teagarden's presentation. I'm fascinated by brewery law! Thank you." - Jana Campeau-Przebieda
"She is excellent!!" - James Valenti
"Very informational, with engaging instructor!" - Tomeka Hart
"Very interesting and informative!" - Alyssa Burris
"A lot of information here - presenter should slow down a little, but it is obvious her knowledge is encyclopedic" - Erin Ogletree
"Nicely done. Great explanation of providing legal advice to clients along the path of their growth of the business." - Mark Absher
"Great course! Like many, I was curious about the course because of the title, but within minutes of starting the lecture, I was hanging on as Danielle Teagarden, the lecturer, unfolded interesting details, anecdotes, and fascinating aspects of this law at a dizzying pace. Ms Teagarden is obviously a gifted student and teacher, and her enthusiasm for the subject matter is contagious. I highly recommend this lecture." - Kevin Durant
"Timely. High level of activity locally." - Daniel Chin
"I thought the explanation of the 3 tier production, distribution and retail system was excellent." - Harry J Nicolay Jr
"Great content, but presenter speaks waaaay too fast!" - Rae Shirer
"Excellent course!" - Marci Urling
"A lot of material very cogently covered." - Robert Zielinski
"So much information!!" - Patrice Thompson
"The laptop in the right portion of the screen took too much space and distracted from the woman's presentation." - Scott Nichols
"Dyn-O-Mite presentation. Extremely helpful." - David Copus
"Interesting video!" - Flora Naderi
"Very informative!" - Susan Veis
"Great overview of this area of the law. Informative & interesting!" - Brock Towler
"Instructor clearly has expertise in the subject matter. More importantly - she provides a really interesting presentation. Highly recommend." - Sharina Romano
"This was a fun CLE with a lot of practical advice." - Dennis Keithly
"A fascinating introduction to a fast-growing area of law. Presenter is clearly very well-informed and had great insights based on her personal experience working with this unique group of clients. If/when I consider a career change, I will totally consider this area of law (or something similar) based on this presentation!" - Cynthia Salazar-Rubio
"Pretty random subject matter for me, but enjoyable to get a peek into a different area of law than which I am familiar." - Samuel Soto-Suver
"That was the best MCLE video in terms of presentation and topic I have seen yet. Thank you, good job!" - David Taub
"Great job!" - Dennis Tormey
"Instructor very knowledgeable and enjoys her subject." - Marguerite Rangel
"Very interesting program. Great instructor. Thorough and engaging." - Michael R. Stone
"Maybe it's the speaker's enthusiasm or her familiarity with the field. This was a very interesting and satisfying presentation." - Shirley Sun
"Slides are a valuable reference tool." - Thomas Hamilton
"She seemed to have a lot of practical experience, just not polished in presentation." - Michael Robertson
"Really knows her stuff! And clearly loves her area of practice. Great presentation style." - Linda Scaparotti
"Should come with a flight of craft beer." - Steven Riley
"Best instructor I've seen so far!" - Ryan Tyson
"Exuberant about the topic she was speaking on." - Spencer Short
"Very impressive instructor, I'd hire you!" - David Nash
"Great!!!" - Lou Ann Nolan
"Great presentation. Love that she did it at a bar... Very crafty of her." - Phyllis Shess
"Cheers!" - Jonathan Sherman
"Great program and very interesting and topical! In fact, my brother created and has successfully run a brew pub/brewery in Pagosa Springs, Colorado for the last 10 years. He frequently calls or emails me with specidic legal questions (or about why legal restrictions on his beer distribution are the way they are) I can give him a more complete and knowledgeable answers! Thanks for a great presentation.....looking forward to Part 2!" - Nicholas Simmons
"Engaging and full of useful information. Practical." - Elizabeth Torres
"Really enjoyed her depth of knowledge!" - Lindsey Pho
"It sounded like a fun topic, and it was - really good and interesting!" - Bette Robin
"Very interesting subject matter!" - Peter Pham
"First rate" - christopher ramsey
"Very nice lecture. I did not score it higher simply because it was a very broad-based program and I was expecting something a little more detailed on a few of the areas addressed." - Micah Miller
"This video was very interesting and covered multiple areas of law such as Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property as well as Real Property. The topic was also relatable as Breweries are popping up everywhere." - Michelle Robinson
"Very interesting presentation. I have friends who are contemplating going commercial and this will help me considerably in providing any guidance they may seek. Would love to see a part III that is specific to California practice in this area." - Hans Uthe
"Great instruction" - Thomas Tait
"My first on line course, but I was very impressed with the quality, the instructor and the production." - John Exum
"Very comprehensive!" - Victoria VanNocken
"Excellent, informative and even entertaining!! A professional treat!" - Shannon Hudak
"A fascinating, informative, fun and comprehensive look at this unique legal niche. The instructor was energetic, passionate, personable, and demonstrated a vast array of knowledge on this topic. Highly recommend." - Julie Kushner
"Great topic!" - Sean McMahon
"Excellent & interesting! My only critique is that the program should be updated w/ 2016 information. A lot has happened in the last 3 yrs in craft brewing. Also, I wish there was more of a PA law focus." - LoriAnn Carroll Israeli
"outstanding" - Susan Gunn
"As a municipal attorney, I found this fascinating. I learned a lot. Thank you." - Melissa Sims
"Great course" - Stephen Gray
"I loved this material and the history of regulation to understand where things stand now." - Lori Volkman
"Really interesting and well thought out." - Kimberly Giese
"Ms. Teagarden is well versed in the subject and is an engaging presenter." - Eliot Duhan
"Great course!" - Andrew Mayer
"Very well done." - David Whittaker
"uneven. excellent in parts, cursory in others. Still a good intro into the issues, if not a lot of answers." - Gene Wong
"As someone with no prior experience in the beer law industry, I found this introduction very useful. I feel better informed and am interested in the next part of this series." - Jeannie Presley Mangone
"Very interesting and timely." - Richard Foote
"For the first half she just asked questions, not useful. second half much more factual and useful" - Diane Goldenstein
"As an Attorney I understand her general overview more specific to potential clients. Nice start. Would however stress more towards the litigation between manufacturers. And wholesalers via the 3 tier. Looking forward to part 2 intellectual property hopefully more detailed. Overall speaker did a nice job." - Mark Dudash
"Danielle knows her beer!" - Nancy Lee Willet
"Awesome - lots of info" - Stefanie Yow
"Engaging, entertaining and informative. I look forward to Part 2." - Naomi Nova
"good class" - Angelica Aquino
"Awesome. Very informative and look forward to the second part" - Raymond Pottenger
"Super-interesting and comprehensive!" - Julie Wilchins
"This was so interesting and well done. Her approach was excellent." - Beth Callahan
"An interesting and thorough overview of the issues a new brewery is likely to encounter" - Michael Gruben-Trejo
"I love this presenter, she keeps things moving and covers a lot of material." - Maria Medellin
"interesting and informative" - Lucia Bauknight
"Very interesting and relevant" - Ginna Kennedy
"VERY INTERESTING!!! GREAT! Liked presenter!" - Julie Templin
"Excellent talk on an interesting topic" - Stacey Klinzman
"Fantastic course!" - Ann Barton
"The instructor was very, very knowledgeable. She speaks rather quickly, however." - James Michael Poss
"Solid and knowledgable" - John Marcoux
"enjoyed every "ounce" of this well presented program!!" - Murray Cohen
"Would have liked to seen some state specific resource guidance, where to find state specific legal differences" - John Baldini
"Ebullient and extremely pleasant presenter. I had no idea this area of law was so dense. Considering how quickly this part moved along Part Two is next on my list." - MaryAnn Marino
"Best presenter on Lexvid--hands down bar none!" - Glenn Goelzer
"Excellent primer on getting started in this industry!" - Kristen Montez
"Great lecture! Can't wait for part 2 - very cool subject to explore." - Alexandra Bashkirova
"First course I've watched that has made me want to switch practice areas (TO the speaker's area of expertise, not away from)!" - Sarah Jane Barney
"This was a very interesting CLE." - Katharina Devanney
"Really interesting topic and knowledgeable speaker ... I'm looking forward to part 2 in this series!" - Abigail Roughton
"Extremely interesting topic and well presented!!" - Martha Gilliam
"The instructor was very knowledgeable and creative." - Deborah DeLong
"Excellent program." - Donn Dimichele
"Really interesting and informative!" - Rebecca Koford
"Enjoyed the background overview of where the laws around brewing, distribution, and consumption originated and where the industry is gong today. Informative." - Samuel Fischbach
"very good and worthwhile. a very positive and optimistic presentation." - John Bond
"Insightful and well-presented." - Kenneth Chiu
"very interesting" - Azalea Rosholt
"good" - Michael Omer
"Lotta breweries in Nashville now. Worthwhile and informative." - Michael Walker
"This was really good. Far exceeded my expectations. Probably the only CLE I've ever done where I was actually looking forward to getting home so I could finish it." - William Christian
"Very interesting ... makes me want to refocus my practice CHEERS!" - Berry Cox
"A very good course on a topical subject" - Kenneth Menzel
"Awesome!" - Michael French
"fairly good overview of areas to be concerned about." - Patrick Lanier
"Interesting subject matter. I love microbrews, so this was an exciting subject." - Kelley Sweeney
"She was great!" - Ralph Ambrosio
"very informative and detailed!" - Jerri Green
"Excellent job. I look forward to Part 2." - Matthew DeCoster
"the presenter's knowledge and passion for the subject are impressive. i would describe the presentation as very impressive." - Mary Hartigan
"A great lecturer who communicates well her love of the subject matter." - James Bernard Duggan
"very interesting - well presented" - Samuel Bernstein
"Great info on breweries. I would have liked to have learned more about distilleries." - Elizabeth Heising
"Adorable setting" - Deborah J Cann
"Good overview. Thank you." - manuel matos
"Great information from a dynamic presenter. Danielle is knowledgeable in beverage law." - Heather Rutherford
"great presenter" - christine cooke
"Best so far!" - Hanhwe Kim
"Excellent" - Michael Rodgers
"Very interesting! Loved the setting." - Shireen Owlia
"She was very good but I would have liked more on distilleries rather than just beer. Nonetheless, it was very good." - Barry Gainey
"Good" - Russell Lakey
"This was excellent. She's knowledgeable and excited about her subject. Makes for an engaging course." - K Lee
"good" - Scott Doody
"All CLE Videos should be like this one. Well thought out and presented in a unique location that added some life to the law." - Robert Pearson
"Excellent Instructor! Too long for just one CLE credit, though." - Terry Bradley
"Excellent presentation. Highly informative and coherent." - Michael Crofton
"This was very informative. Can't beat a CLE concerning beer." - Joseph Dalfonso
"I enjoyed the course, thank you!" - Heather Young
"This was really a great course, but it felt more academic than a CLE course. I enjoyed it, as it was entertaining, but I guess my issue was that the subject matter is generally a state issue and the larger issues don't feel like CLE issues." - Trenton Brown
"Terrific presentation" - James Beggs
"Very enthusiastic presentation. Almost made me want to home brew." - Jan Horn
"Liked the quick pace!" - Narissa Webber
"very interesting" - Eugene Lawley
"Great!" - Donald Tyer
"Speaker is very knowledgeable and good content - she could slow down a bit when speaking" - Dawn Cutler
"This was really terrific and THOROUGH, something you can't get from every vid." - John Kappler
"Really a nice presentation." - Lawrence Andrews
"Distracting sounds in the background, but not a huge issue. Overall, it was very straightforward and to the point." - Matthew Aycock
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